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Robert Ridler [c1794/7]

Robert RIDLER and Jane BOULTER         View Tree

Husband:          Robert RIDLER (1794/7-1841)

Wife:                 Jane BOULTER (1788?-1848)

Children:           Elizabeth RIDLER (1819- )

                         Jane RIDLER (1821- )

                         Robert RIDLER (1823- )

                         William Snr RIDLER (1826-1867)

                        Mary Anne RIDLER (1830- )

Marriage           24 Nov 1818      St. John Bedminster.

                        Jane BOULTER, spinster, married Robert RIDLER,                                   bachelor,  BOTP, at Bedminster St. John Somerset by                             banns. Witness at the marriage was a William Ridler.

Robert RIDLER (c1794 - 1841)

Birth     1794/1797         

            Occupation        1819 (age 23-24)            Flax Dresser.

            Death    21 Jan 1841 (age 45-46) Church Street, 

            Parish of Temple.  

            Cause: Asthma Informant: Jacob Reece, Colston Street, Parish               of Bedminster. Present 

            Death certificate gives age as 44 [born 1797] but parish church               entry at Temple Church, gives age as 47, [born 1794]. 

Jane BOULTER (c1789 - 1848)

           Father:  Gabriel BOULTER (1769?- )

           Mother: Elizabeth PEARCE (1766?- )

           Christening        6 Dec 1789 (age 0-1)      Chippenham, Wiltshire

           Death    23 Oct 1848 (age 59-60) Cause: Asthma. Informant: The            mark of Jane Harsley present at death, Colston Street, Parish                  of Bedminster. 

           Died at Temple Backs, parish of Temple, subdistrict of St. Mary              Redcliff.

           Burial    29 Oct 1848 (age 59-60) Temple Church

           Census 1841 (age 52-53)  Rings Buildings, Pipe lane, Temple                Jane RIDDLER, age 55, Sacking maker, born out off county.                    Jane RIDDLER, age 20. Robert RIDDLER, age 18, Flax Dresser,            born in county. William RIDDLER, 16 Labourer , born in county.

Elizabeth RIDLER (1819 - ?)

           Spouse:            George SMITH ( - )

           Birth     21 Sep 1819     

           Death                Unknown

           Baptism            2 Apr 1820 (age 7m) Temple.  

           Elizabeth, the daughter of Robert and Jane, baptised Temple                 Parish, abode Temple Parish. Robert's trade - Flax Dresser.

Jane RIDLER (1821 - ?)

         Birth     24 Dec 1821     

         Death                Unknown

         Baptism            7th April 1822 (age 4m), Jane, the daughter of                Robert and Jane, born 5th of November 1821,  baptised Temple              Parish, abode St Pauls Parish. Robert's trade - Flax Dresser.7 Apr          1822 (age 4m)  

Robert RIDLER (1824 - ?)

         Birth     1823    

         Death                Unknown

         Baptism            15 Aug 1824 (age 0-1) Robert, the son of Robert            and Jane, birth date not recorded, baptised Temple Parish, abode          Temple Parish. Robert's trade Flax Dresser.

         Occupation        1841 (age 18)            Flax Dresser

         Census 1841 - Census, Rings Buildings, Pipe lane, Temple Robert          Riddler, age 18, Flax Dresser, born in county.


William Snr RIDLER (1826 - 1867)

         Spouse:            Sarah CLARK (1829-1901)

         Birth     18 Jun 1826  Son of Robert and Jane, born Bedminster,              Somerset.    

         Baptism            24 Dec 1826 (age 6m)       Temple

         Census 1841 (age 15)  Rings Buildings, Pipe lane, Temple,                    William RIDDLER , 16 labourer, born inCounty.

         Death  2nd November 1867

Mary Anne RIDLER (1830 - ?)

         Baptism            25 Dec 1830 Mary Anne, the daughter of Robert              and Jane, birth date not  recorded, baptised Temple Parish,                   abode Bedminster .Robert's trade - Flax Dresser.

 Not proven

       Census 1851 Mary Ann RIDLER,  Age 21, Unmarried, Lodging at 43        Dale St, St Paul. Tailoress

Temple Church

It lies to the south of the River Avon, the old city having grown up to the north of Bristol Bridge, the reason for the city's existence. It is however rarely known by its dedication, but as Temple church, because it was built on the site of the oval church of the Knight's Templars, suppressed in the early part of the C14. The choir and chapels are C14 Decorated in style, the nave and aisles are early Perpendicular work of late C14. 

The famous (well, in Bristol it is famous) tower rises to 114 feet (35m) and the lowest two stages were built c1390. Work was stopped because the tower started to lean. When it appeared to stop the top stage was added in c1460 and was built in the then vertical. If you look closely at the tower you can see the change in angle.

However the weight of this extra stage increased the tower's lean again, and the tower was left incomplete without any parapet and pinnacles.