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Michael Ancrum (1724)

Michael ANCRUM

 Family of Michael ANCRUM and Uknown


Husband:Michael ANCRUM (1724-1762)
Children:Michael ANCRUM (1750?-1806)
Status:Never Married

Husband: Michael ANCRUM

Name:Michael ANCRUM
Father:Samuel ANCRUM (1694?- )
Mother:Jane STRANGEWAYS (bap.1711)
Death1762 (age 37-38)Edinburgh

Child 1: Michael ANCRUM

Name:Michael ANCRUM
Spouse:Grace HOLBROOK (1759-1833)
Birth1750 (app)Edinburgh
Occupation1806 (age 55-56)Accountant
Address1806 (age 55-56)Clifton
Death1806 (age 55-56)Bristol

Note on Husband: Michael ANCRUM

Went to the USA, Merchant of Wilmington North Carolina and a Lieutenant in the Milita.

He returned to Edinburgh about 1750. he was the heir of MICHAEL ANCRUM, his Uncle (The Excise Supervisor)

Note on Child 1: Michael ANCRUM

According to Leonard Gebbett Michael was the illegitimate son of Michael born in Edinburgh educated in Wilmington, North Calolina by uncle John then to Bristol c1770, employed as an Accountant, lived in Clifton