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I have researched all the Somerset Parishes at present (2010) on line and have found a very possible link from my Robert Ridler to the Parish of Winsford, in Somerset. 

Other than the Robert in Clyst Honiton I have not been able to find in any county, a Robert Ridler born around 1794/1797.

Please note information on John and Mary although factual, has not been verified as belonging to my family from a second source, all I can say is that it fits the known facts. 

Family of John RIDLER and Mary ??????

Husband:              John RIDLER ( 1762 - ???? )

Wife:                     Mrs Mary Ridler (1766 - ???? )

Children:               Thomas RIDLER (bap.1789)

                             William RIDLER (bap.1790)

                             James RIDLER (bap.1793)

                             Betty RIDLER (bap.1796)

                             Robert RIDLER (1796?-1841)

                             Emmanuel RIDLER (bap.1800)

                             Jonas RIDLER (bap.1804)

Child 1:   Thomas RIDLER

Sex:          Male

Baptism    9 Mar 1789        St Mary Magdalene, Winsford

Child 2:   William RIDLER

Sex:          Male

Baptism    10 Jan 1790        St Mary Magdalene, Winsford

Child 3:  James RIDLER

Sex:          Male

Baptism    1 Dec 1793        St Mary Magdalene, Winsford

Child 4:   Betty RIDLER

Sex:          Female

Baptism     24 Jun 1796        St Mary Magdalene, Winsford


Child 5:   Robert RIDLER

Sex:          Male

Spouse:    Jane BOULTER (1789?-1848)

Birth          1796 (app)                      Winsford

Baptism     30 Jul 1797 (age 0-1)     St Mary Magdalene, Winsford

Occupation      1819 (age 22-23)     Flax Dresser.

Death         21 Jan 1841 (age 44-45)    Church Street, Parish of Temple

Burial      29 Jan 1841 (age 44-45)       Temple Church

 Additional Information

Death     Cause: Asthma, Informant: Jacob Reece, Colston Street, Parish of Bedminster. Present during the last.

Death certificate gives age as 44 [born 1797]. 1841 - 29th January, buried at Temple Church, entry gives age as 47 [born 1794].

Child 6: Emmanuel RIDLER

Sex:         Male

Baptism  6 Jul 1800        St Mary Magdalene, Winsford

Child 7: Jonas RIDLER

Sex:         Male

Baptism  19 Apr 1804        St Mary Magdalene, Winsford

St Mary Magdalene Church at Winsford Somerset